Tommy Emmerton

Top Session Guitarist

Paulʼs reputation as a player and educator in Cardiff is legendary. When I was a child, my classical guitar teacher (Chris Ackland), with whom Iʼd been studying for 4 years would always speak in reverence of Paul and suggested I continue my studies with him. This was the only serious choice for someone intent on pursuing a career as a freelance guitarist. Starting lessons with Paul at age 12 was incredibly exciting and the subsequent 5 years were to prepare me for entrance into music college, open my ears to a whole new world of music Iʼd never experienced or considered, open my eyes to the realities of the music business and to set the technical foundations of my playing.

Paul is a master of advanced rock guitar techniques and the wisdom he imparted in these areas was invaluable for me as the ʻshredʼ genre was my primary interest at the time. This led to study of scales/modes, modal and functional harmony, improvisatory concepts and necessarily, the jazz genre. Analysis of these specialised areas was always well tempered with the development of more foundational and pragmatic skills such as sight-reading, aural awareness and knowledge of repertoire - (this was all framed in preparation for grade exams). Paul made it clear that these abilities are essential for anyone wishing to make a living from playing the guitar in a business where diversity is paramount.

I went on to study jazz at Trinity College of Music and the Royal Academy of Music, was the National Youth Jazz Orchestra guitarist for 5 years and toured the world with Canadian stage show, Barrage and with jazz legends Eddie Henderson and Gary Bartz. Iʼve held chairs on the West-End Musicals; The Rocky Horror Show, Fame, Jersey Boys and Hair (playing rhythm guitar for ex-Steely Dan guitarist, Elliott Randall) and played on countless others such as We Will Rock You, Shrek, Thriller Live, Hairspray and Joseph. I currently hold the guitar seat on The Book of Mormon and recently toured as Guitarist for Quincy Jones. I also guested on Elliott Randall's last solo album. I do function gigs, jazz gigs and sessions for pop/rock acts/TV advert ʻjinglesʻ and play with orchestras such as the National Symphony Orchestra (recently doing the Katherine Jenkins gigs) and the BBC Concert Orchestra. I also write and perform with my band, Chinese Haircut and am currently working on a project with ex-Steve Vai drummer, Pete Zeldman.

Paulʼs music declares a profound love of classic rock and elements of more contemporary ʻmetalʻ music. His displays of technical prowess are effortless and his aggressive moments are well balanced with more tender lyricism. The ideas are always well spaced and his tone is beautiful and pure.

Cardiff County and Vale Music Service

This is a well structured lesson in which there was a good balance between individual and group playing. Pupils were engaged and enthusiastic throughout. Paul’s approach to the material being covered was systematic and organised. There was also particularly good focus on how to practice effectively.

Alun Elliott Williams

Former Pupil

Ten years ago I couldn't play a note. Two years ago I achieved the highest marks int the whole of Europe in my Rockschool grade 8 exam and was asked to play at their awards ceremony at the Roundhouse London. I could never have done this without Paul Goodyear, his help, expert knowledge and tuition have been totally invaluable to me. I achieved a first in my music degree from Southampton.

Paul and Sarah Williams

Parents of Callum Williams

Callum started playing guitar at the age of 8 and half years old after being introduced to the guitar by his dad, who managed to teach him the basics. Searching for professional lessons for Callum we came across Paul Goodyear. Paul invited us and Callum down for a friendly chat to discuss Callum's guitar needs.

Since then there has been no turning back. Callum is now 12 years old and has been playing guitar now for 4 years under the watchful eye of Paul. Paul's teaching methods have brought Callum's guitar playing to a very high standard for such a young age.

Callum's achievements are: Passing grade 6 with merit on electric guitar. Last year Callum was one of 5 finalists that were selected from thousands of hopefuls to compete for the coveted accolade of Young Guitarist of the Year 2011 in London. He is now Endorsed with Orange Amplifiers and Custom Vanquish Guitars.

A very big thank you to Paul for his dedication and enthusiasm with Callum. You can see how Pauls professional teaching methods have brought Callum to where he is today on this link http://youtu.be/lnpGVvgQDrc

We would highly recommend Paul for his wealth of knowledge, professional teaching qualities and for a warm and friendly well-equipped studio!!

Shemi Jones

Former Pupil

Thanks for helping me get my grade 8 and your inspiring lessons.

Louise Grove-White

Project Manager Princes Trust Cymru

A big thank you for all your hard work…the high standard of teaching and the support of all the staff has been first-rate and feedback from students has been overwhelming.